Burgtec FOX 40 Axle / Achse Rhodium Silver

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Clean and Simple is always best. Leverless design for added security and clearance for when situations get tight.

Unlike any other fork axles on the market, these feature a unique double hex design. This includes the traditional 6mm that everyone is familiar with but with an added 8mm Allen key fitting as well. This “Get out of Jail” feature makes removal much easier if the 6mm gets chewed up, over tightened or not removed for a long time. We all know how much it sucks to miss a ride and this feature should help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Constructed from 7075 Aluminium and made to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.



  • All generations 40s


Manufactures part number: 820-00-024-KIT

Artikelnummer: 0764283658784

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