Race Face Aeffect Lenker black 760mm / 35mm

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Wide In The Middle

Precise steering at speed is kind of important. So is big time strength in relation to weight. A 35mm bar diameter makes all these things possible.

Get In Where You Fit In

Aeffect R bars are 780mm wide but include onboard cut marks so you can customize them to your exact right fit.

Ricky Bobby On A Bike

For All Mountain riders who just wanna go fast, the Aeffect R 35 is the affordable, no-nonsense handlebar for you. Made extra wide for control through the sketchy sections and with an aggressive profile for all kinds of trail-rated mayhem.


Bar Diameter (MM) 35.0
Bend (DEG) 9
Upward Sweep (DEG) 5
Weight 345g
Weight Conditions

20mm Rise


Breite: 760mm

Rise: 20mm

Klemmung: 35mm

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