Intend Blackline Stiffmaster Headset oben ZS44 schwarz

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Steiferes Cockpit, die Gabel saust beim Ausbau des Vorbaus nicht einfach durch und eine Optik zum Dahinschmelzen :)

Makes a stronger feeling at your bike
Fast turns, sprinting or horrible rock gardens, a stiffer cockpit is neccessary for fast and hard riding. But it is not done with a stiff handlebar. The handlebar itself should have some small flex for symmetrical loads to increase comfort, but onesided loads should not make the system bend.
Difference to Intend Stiffmaster: There is no Intend spacer inluded, not required and they also do not fit here. The Intend Blackline Stiffmaster is designed to use NORMAL aheadspacers.
The Stiffmaster headset IS a headset, you do not need another headset on the top to make the Stiffmaster fit

Features of the Intend Blackline Stiffmaster:
  • 85g weight upper shell excl. spacer
  • 14mm stack height
  • Suitable for ZS44 headtubes (IS41/42 is not planned for the future)
  • 3Nm bolt-torque
  • Up to ~40% more stiffness compared to normal headsets
  • Colors: black

Artikelnummer: IBCBL-002

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