Intend Blackline Bandit 29" Federgabel

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Think outside of any boxes - The Ebonite-Bandit

The Ebonite-Bandit is the next chapter of Blackline Rightsideup forks at Intend. Increasing the stiffness of the complete fork/frame/handlebar system, especially hard and heavy riders benefit from this architecture.

The Bandit construction improves not only the discbrake side with more strength and stiffness, but also gives more space for any improvements of the air spring system. Larger negativ chamber? No problem, Lager positive chamber? yes, second positive chamber? yes.

Yes, the second positive chamber in the Ebonite fork is pressurized with higher pressure then the first air chamber. The lower initial pressure improves the small bump sensitivity, while it ramps up faster until it reaches the pressure of the second chamber, then they act like one big chamber with less progression.

And the big benefit of the Ebonite-bandit is, that you can set the limit of movement of the seperating piston and tune the progression in the last 20mm of the stroke to your personal needs. Sounds good ? Yes - is good!

  • Ride Style
  • Travel Range
    Maximum stroke 180mm / Minimum stroke 140mm
  • Wheel Size
    29” only
  • Max headtube length
    145mm (meassured incl headset)
  • Spring Type
    Air spring
  • Damping
    Closed cartridge
  • Adjustments
    Rebound / Compression / Air spring / Progression
  • Weight
  • Colour
    Black anodized
  • Other
    Royal flush coating / SKF D35 green dust wipers (Without collar) / Main and current sag indicators

Why not upsidedown?

To be honest, in my eyes the upsidedown-principle has advantages over the rightsideup. But it also have disadvantages, like every construction.

So the whole Blackline is made to meet the wishes of the costumer. You are scared of torsional stiffness or no guarded lowers ? The Blackline forks will meet your demand, as it is a construction which you know from other brands. No thoughts about torsional stiffness and no thoughts about damaged lowers.

What is special about the Ebonite fork?

There is one thing I learned during making suspension fork. The weak point is the joint of the crown and steerertube. It is flexible, can creak and cause problems wherever you look. The steerer tube of the Ebonite is the same of the heavy Intend Flash fork, made with doubled wall thickness, so 6mm insteaf of 3mm of a normal forks steerer. And the upper 1 1/8″ side has 3mm instead of 2mm wall tickness. This is made to increase stiffness everywhere it is necessary.


The damping of the Ebonite (and also all other Intend forks) is done with a shimstack based architecture. There is a compression piston and a rebound piston which provides the highspeed circuits, and there are lowspeed ports with external adjusters to get the setup done from outside.

There is a long rubber bladder on the inside of the stanchion. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the unit for service or tuning.


110x15mm Boost Achse

Geliefert wird sie mit 170mm Federweg. Eine individuelle Änderung ist gerne auf Anfrage möglich.

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