Race Face Chester Lenker black 780mm / 35mm / 35mm Rise

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Follow That Bike

To make sure your bike goes where you want it to, the Chester bar combines precision steering, a comfortable feel, and a strength-to-weight ratio boosting 35mm bar diameter.

Masters Of Metal

You don't have to be a metalsmith to know that cold drawn 6061 alloy shot peened for durability is a good thing. Ok, maybe you do. But it is.

Got No Quit

If your happy place is on your mountain bike launching off booters and getting loose in the loam, then the Chester is the handlebar for you. Sturdy, reliable, and no-nonsense, it's ready to ride anytime you are.



Bar Diameter (MM) 35.0
Bend (DEG) 8
Upward Sweep (DEG) 5
Material 6061 Aluminum
Weight 400g
Weight Conditions 20mm Rise


Breite: 780mm

Rise: 35mm

Klemmung: 35mm

Artikelnummer: 821973281292

Lieferumfang: Lenker, Anleitung