Race Face Atlas Lenker black 820mm / 35mm / 35mm Rise

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Strength And Handling On Point

Adding a 35mm bar diameter to cold drawn 7075 alloy is what makes the Atlas one of the toughest bars in the already legendary Atlas family.

Go Wide Or Go Home

Atlas bars are 820mm wide but include onboard cut marks so you can customize them to your exact right fit.

Don't Fit In, Stand Out

Because no one likes to look just like everyone else, Atlas bars come in 7 attention-grabbing anodized colour options.

The Legend is Real

Our Alloy Atlas handlebars are our most popular model because they got everything right. They are made of the strongest material, they're nice and light, they're highly tunable, and now, they're sporting some extra width.


Bar Diameter (MM) 35.0
Bend (DEG) 8
Upward Sweep (DEG) 5
Material 7075 Aluminum
Weight 300g
Weight Conditions 20mm Rise


Breite: 820mm

Rise: 35mm

Klemmung: 35mm

Artikelnummer: 821973336138

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