Knog Fang Multitool

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The Fang multi-tool is a must have in your pocket, on and off the bike. It’s lightweight, compact, TSA approved, versatile and just might be your new best friend.

Fang Multi Tool Construction

The Fang is made of an advanced composite material which is both lighter than titanium and stronger than cast metal. This composite material is anti scratch, which will prevent it damaging your phone or laptop when stored together.

18 Tools

With 18 separate tools the fang multi tool has almost limitless applications.

  1. Box cutter
  2. Bottle opener
  3. Tyre lever – 1
  4. Tyre lever – 2 (with magnetic attachment)
  5. Wrench 5mm/ 3/16in
  6. Wrench 8mm/ 5/16in
  7. Wrench 10mm/ 3/8in
  8. Wrench 11mm/ 7/16in
  9. Wrench 13mm/ 1/2in
  10. Wrench 14mm/ 9/16in
  11. Ruler (metric)
  12. Ruler (imperial)
  13. High torque socket
  14. 3mm hex bit
  15. 4mm hex bit
  16. 5mm hex bit
  17. Phillips head bit
  18. Hex bit socket with magnet



Tire Levers

Fang’s tire levers are an essential bit of kit for when you need to change your tires whilst out and about. Constructed from ultra-strong composite material, that is super strong but also anti scratch thus preventing accidental damage to your bike frame. Following an ergonomic design makes these tire levers a joy to use.

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